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THE FLYING WHIP :The Story of Braithwaite 'Brait' Wilson and the Ullswater Foxhounds











the Case for Hunting here


An Introduction to Fox Hunting

If you would like any of the above booklets in hard-copy format please contact:



"hunting is fundamental to the lives and cultural heritage of Cumbrian people"


The Lake District has been hit hardest by the Hunting Act of 2004, says Johnny Scott, tracing the history of the region’s fell packs – once the first line of defence against predation for farmers


Click here to read the article by Johnny Scott in the latest edition of the Field Magazine


This is Charlie Pye-Smiths book.

  Sir Nicholas Soames (MP) described it as a “masterpiece of sensible, down-to-earth, practical, knowledgeable words and the most brilliant photographs.I am wholly confident that it will provide guidance for the Government, for opinion formers and above all that it will

prove useful to conservationists, landholders and the poor, wretched

practitioners who strive against the odds to improve or maintain biodiversity in our truly marvellous and much put-upon countryside.”



and Kate Hoey (MP)added:


“Certain animal rights groups have convinced the public, much of the media and many politicians that there are only two camps – one that likes wild animals and doesn’t kill them and another group that kills them just for fun. That situation suits the animal rights groups, but it could not be further from the truth. Wildlife management covers a range of activities, not all involving the culling of wild animals, but it is naive to think wildlife can be properly managed without some form of culling.” The book, she added, should be read by all those who genuinely want to improve the management and welfare of wild animals.



The Facts of Rural Life is published by the Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management. Copies can be obtained from Brian Fanshawe, Old School House, Ashley, Tetbury, Gloucestershire GL8 8SX (£10 per copy or £8 each for five copies or more).



An Introduction to Fox Hunting is a 16-page document, designed to introduce the younger generation to hunting with hounds. Specifically focused at targeting the secondary school age range, the booklet covers a wide variety of topics including some facts about the fox as a species, a guide to a day’s hunting, some important hunting terms and a word search.


The booklet has an informative but fun tone and, with plenty of illustrations, has been designed to stimulate the younger mind.



Click Here to see/download a copy



Charlie Pye-Smith is the author of "Rural Rites: hunting and the politics of prejudice". The book provides detailed analysis of the history of the 2004 Hunting Act, the issues underlying it and the situation created by its enactment. "This book has an application which goes so much further than hunting and animal welfare. It shows us the ease with which bad law can be made, how simple it is to spin the facts, and how readily the rights of minorities can be obliterated". Published by the All Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group. Charlie is the author of over a dozen books, click on the book cover to......

visit his website and download /read the book as a pdf.







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The AGM due to be held on Monday 28th September has been Cancelled due to the current Covid regulations

International Virtual Hound Show

Judging has now been completed for the 2020 (iVHS) Hound Show

Click here for the Fell Hound results


                         You can compare the expert judges and the public vote

                             Captain won the fell hound dog public vote !!

                        Cornflake won the fell hound bitches public vote !!


Click HERE to Find out MORE

As you are probably aware Alan Graham, who has been our Treasurer for the last 25 years, has decided to stand down at our AGM in September 2020.

Anyone who wishes to contribute to Alan's retirement gift please forward a cheque payable to 'Blencathra Foxhounds' to D Kendall, Graylands, Cumwhinton, Carlisle, CA4 0AX, or donate to any BFH Committee member.

NO SHOWS this Summer means you will not be able to see this Season's Young Entry.....So.....

Click Here {and scroll down past the exciting news}to see them

International Virtual Hound Show

Click here to view the International Virtual Hound Show

You need to register and then log in to view and vote for the hounds you like in each of several classes.

1 Choose the Hound Show Catalogues box and then the Foxhound Catalogue Box (UK/Ireland/Australia)

2 and then choose the Fell Hound Box

3 on page 3 click on 22 Rings and Championships and then

4 finally on the white box labelled Fell Hound ---click through to see the 9 hounds listed

[It's not an easy process and you have to persevere to get to the Fell Hound entries]

We have entered 2 Hounds---- Captain and Cornflake

In each class you have to choose your favourite dog and bitch hounds: once done go back to the Catalogues...Foxhound (FELL HOUND) Boxes and scroll down to see 2 boxes: Doghound Favourites and Bitch Favourites. Click on each of the boxes to give your selected hounds a 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th place and then Click VOTE NOW

Back on the Home page there is a box link to the online silent auction

Look at which hound they have chosen for the title page of the Fell Hound catalogue!!

Threlkeld Sheepdog Trials & Blencathra Puppy Show

Wednesday 19th August

It is with much regret that a decision has been made to announce the cancellation of this year’s show due to the continuing issue surrounding COVID-19.


We would like to wish all our subscribers and friends best wishes during these unprecedented times of the coronavirus pandemic ---keep well and safe!! and hopefully we'll see you all next season






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Click HERE To See the Hounds for the 20/21 Season and details of how to SPONSOR one of them!!



What makes a Fell Hound different from the other Foxhounds at the Festival of Hunting? Hannah Brook-Lawson caught up with Barry Todhunter, huntsman of the Blencathra Fell Hounds, to find out more





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FOR the LOVE of HUNTING ENGLAND  -- check out the new website

Barry is to be a regular contributor as one of the 'Hunting Personalities'---

read his first article here  



A toast lads to all the Fell Packs!!

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Rydal Show 2016