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Fixtures 2022/23



***Please speak to a committee member or contact an official via the contacts page




The fixture listing may vary at any time, we may add to, delete or change dates according to changing circumstances.

The telephone tree should be adopted to ensure that you are aware of any alterations to the planned fixtures and to avoid disappointment.

The Blencathra Foxhounds stated aim is " To provide a day's activity on the fells for all our supporters, whilst operating within the law ". Any action or conduct which compromises this aim, may result in hounds returning to the kennels immediately.

The days' activity will involve a combination of Exercise and Drag, depending upon conditions and terrain and particulars will be advised on the morning of the Meet.

All supporters who choose to bring their pet dogs with them, must ensure that these are kept on a lead or under close control at all times.

Responsibility for the days' activity rests solely with the Joint Masters/Huntsman and they have the unanimous support of the general committee to adjust a days' activity according to changing circumstances. The Huntsman has sole responsibility for managing and controlling hounds and no one should attempt at any time to encourage hounds away from his control.

The Officials, General Committee and Staff sincerely hope that everyone will respect our stated aims at all times and continue to support and assist the BFH in any way possible. In particular the safety implications when hounds are either approaching or on the highway, must receive the highest possible priority.

Thank you.