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On Tour in Yorkshire

Day 2

On Tour in Yorkshire

Day 1


Johnny's Hunt Meet : Kennels


March Days


New Years Day


Boxing Day 2012


Opening Meet October 2012


                                                                                                                                     Picture courtesy of T & J Fell


The Snowy Weather [end of March].....at the Kennels





                        Some more pictures of Jennie Mcwalter receiving her Silver Shears award










The buttons are available in both a large (jacket size) & a small (waistcoat size)



   The lining with hunting scenes taken from

several of Wilk 'cartoons'









Barry has a quantity of both sizes of the new buttons:


small @ £8-00 and

large @£12-00


any orders please place with Barry at the Kennels.




Local Girl Jennie wins the Silver Shears award






At a catwalk show at the Merchant Taylors' Hall on London's Threadneedle Street on Monday evening [18th March] the Silver Shears trophy was won byJennie McWalter from Keswick.


22 of the 25 finalists at this biennial celebration of tailoring known as the Oscars of the tailoring world - were female.


A guest judging panel which included Nick Hewer, actress Joanna Lumley, chef Raymond Blanc, entrepreneur Lloyd Johnson and former fashion director of the Daily Telegraph , Hilary Alexander, judged outfits for fit, style, suitability to the wearer and cutting ability.



Jennie's Silver Shears-winning outfit was traditional: A cherry red hunt dress-coat with a digitally printed silk lining with hunting-inspired prints and with the new design of the Blencathra Foxhounds Hunt buttons which Jennie designed in conjunction with Barry.


An off-white double-breasted vest and navy tartan dress trousers completed the outfit and comprised a look fit for Jane Austen's Mr. Wickham.


Jennie works at Anderson & Sheppard one of the Savile Row tailors ---she started as an apprentice coatmaker to John Kyriacou after studying at London College of Fashion






Congratulations Jennie from ALL of us at Blencathra Foxhounds







The picture is of Mr John Hitchcock, Managing Director of Anderson and Sheppard, Jennie and her Silver Shears award, model wearing Jennies outfit inspired by the Blencathra and David Gandy




Why did the RSPCA shoot dead more than 40 sheep in a grisly dockside massacre? The Daily Mail investigates horrific slaughter of animals unloaded from French lorry


Read More Here to discover that.........

.......the RSPCA headed by Gavin Grant was last in the news before Christmas when it emerged that he had spent £326,000 of the charity's money prosecuting four members of the Heythrop Hunt — which just happens to be David Cameron's local hunt in Oxfordshire — for illegally killing foxes.
Two of the men were acquitted, but two pleaded guilty to four minor breaches of the hunting ban. They, and the hunt, were fined less than £7,000.
In court, the RSPCA attempted to keep the costs of its legal action secret. But its six-figure bill was revealed by district judge Tim Pattinson, who announced he found it 'quite staggering'.
'Members of the public may feel that RSPCA funds can be more usefully employed,' he added.

The episode will certainly have given RSPCA donors food for thought. After all, the charity recently decided to shed 90 of its 1,100 employees, allegedly to save money.

While the RSPCA now spends around £8.7million a year prosecuting headline-making court cases, many of its day-to-day operations are woefully underfunded. Its Preston branch, which costs £600 a day to run, claims to be weeks from bankruptcy.

Figures uncovered last week revealed that the RSPCA rehoused 10,000 fewer animals in 2011 than it did in 2009, and that it now kills 44 per cent of the animals it supposedly rescues — which amounts to a shocking 53,000 animals a year. Of that number, 3,400 are destroyed for 'non-medical reasons', such as lack of space in underfunded catteries.

These grim statistics coincide with falling membership figures. A decade ago, the RSPCA had about 35,000 members, whereas today the charity has just 25,000. (The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, by contrast, boasts one million).

Meanwhile, the Charities Commission has declared it the third most complained-about charity in Britain, behind the Jehovah's Witnesses and a non-profit organisation called The HFSH Charitable Trust, devoted to faith healers.

Shocked by these revelations then go here to sign a Government e-petition


Which asks the government to investigate the RSPCA's activities, especially where they infringe civl or legal rights.



And Now....for something completely different.....




A very well attended Flower Arranging Demonstration held at the Golf Club

By request added a gallery --click on picture above



Braithwaite Lunch

Guest speaker at the Lunch Lt Gen Sir Barney White-Spunner [Executive Chairman of The Countryside Alliance] receiving the gift of a picture from Barry Todhunter [Huntsman of the Blencathra]


                              This is the link to the Grass e-route newsletter/petitions that Barney mentioned in his talk



Race Night

pictures courtesy of D Atkinson

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A clear, concise and powerful argument for the repeal of theHunting Act is detailed in the “Case for Repeal”, a document by the Countryside Alliance setting out why the Act is flawed and why it believes repeal is inevitable. Download a copy of "Case for Repeal" here

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