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With a remarkable record of service to the Blencathra of 21 years as Secretary and 17 as Master, Mr Michael Thompson has decided to step down. He has seen us through the anxious years following the restrictions imposed by the ‘Hunting Act’ with great skill and determination and has been an example to all in leadership and diplomacy. We must respect his example by continuing to remain ourselves, continuing our tradition within the Law.

Following him, as Joint Masters, are Mr Robert Hilton Fell BEM and Mr Barry Todhunter, who continues as Huntsman.


I appeal to you all for your continued support.

Myles Walker (Chairman)

Anyone who wishes to contribute towards a presentation to Michael Thompson, should, please, send it to our Hon treasurer.


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We are very grateful for all the good wishes and financial support that we have received so far.

We hope that supporters will continue to keep in touch with us.If you wish to do so contact us.